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Who’s the Arrested Development Character That Pops Up in Infinity War?

This guy’s not an Arrested Development character. Photo: Marvel Studios

Warning: This post spoils the bit of Avengers: Infinity War the headline makes clear it will.

It’s tempting to zone out during the nearly infinite words in the credits of Infinity War, but once you’re done analyzing the order the cast was billed, a few Easter eggs stand out. One in particular caught our eye — a line thanking the Arrested Development rights-holders for letting the film use a character from the beloved sitcom. (Between them, Infinity War directors Anthony and Joe Russo directed 14 episodes of Arrested D, including the pilot.) Disney kept mum when we asked them about it, but now Pajiba has discovered an old tweet that makes it clear: During the Guardians of the Galaxy’s trip to see the Collector about the Reality Stone (a clip that leaked online last year), Tobias Fünke appears in the background, in full Blue Man makeup. It’s not quite the meaty leading-man part Tobias once dreamed of, but it’ll do.

Here’s the Arrested Development Easter Egg in Infinity War