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The Sheltered Streets of Wakanda Haven’t Adequately Prepared T’Challa for Black Jeopardy!

T’Challa has been a little busy lately. Lest we forget, he had to prevent his cousin from overthrowing his reign and wreaking general havoc in Wakanda, all while wearing that sexy skintight bodysuit. Mmmm, that bodysuit. So we can forgive him for taking some time to get into the swing of things as a contestant on Black Jeopardy!, mostly because, well, despite that pesky Killmonger situation, the sheltered Wakanda hasn’t exposed him to any street smarts. He’s just too innocent! You put you grandmama’s name on your cable bill not to honor her as the foundation of the family, but because you don’t want any unnecessary credit, buddy! This is common sense 101! T’Challa redeems himself in the end, though, because everyone knows what it means when your white friend Karen brings her potato salad to your cookout, ya bitch.

Wakanda Didn’t Prepare T’Challa to Play Black Jeopardy!