Cardi B Invites You to Come Party at Her Place in New ‘Bartier Cardi’ Video

The party Cardi B is throwing in her brand-new “Bartier Cardi” music video is a cash-covered pastel wonderland, just like you knew it would be. Sure, there are also a lot of glassy-eyed hotties kneeling before her, and yeah, a lot of her TV screens are turned to static and okay, 21 Savage does get tied up and choked out by two of her henchwomen. But that’s a Cardi B party for you. Cardi B knows how she likes things done, which is why, when you drive her home tonight, she will be riding on the hood of the car facing the wrong way, thankyouverymuch.

Cardi B Wants You to Come Party in New ‘Bartier Cardi’ Video