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Chadwick Boseman Is Pretty Salty About SNL’s Bad Black Panther Sketch Ideas

Chadwick Boseman and his snazzy jacket are honored to be live-monologuing in front of the country thanks to SNL, but, between you and him, it’s actually kind of a bummer for him to host. That’s because Black Panther has been out for about two months now, and the show already gave all of their best Marvel ideas to hosts who conveniently weren’t Mr. Panther himself. “There are only really bad ideas left. The writers were like, What about a talk show called Wake Up Wakanda? Or a sketch where Black Panther has sex with Leslie Jones? That was a Leslie Jones idea. It’s tough and it’s not fair,” Boseman explained. “Sterling K. Brown got to do a Black Panther sketch before me, and he dies in the first scene in the movie.” And that’s definitely not a spoiler, because the movie has, again, been out for about two months now.

Chadwick Boseman Laments SNL’s Bad Black Panther Sketches