Beyoncé Suffers Human Error, Falls on Coachella Stage

Photo: Kevin Mazur/2018 Kevin Mazur

Beyoncés, they’re just like us — .0001 percent of the time. Capping off her already-iconic two headlining performances at this year’s Coachella festival, Bey shared a cute moment with her sister, Solange, on stage as the siblings did a dance-off to the certified seduction jam “Get Me Bodied.” The sister act was supposed to go as follows: Bey picks up Solange, they gyrate a little, and Solange flutters back down to the ground. Except, nah, not this time. Twist! A fatal drop occurs, and by fatal drop, we mean the duo has a good giggle about it and continue on their merry way. Those stilettos, man. They didn’t come to play.

Won’t you get the stage bodied?

Gasp! Beyoncé Fell on the Coachella Stage