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Remember That Crazy Toronto Mayor, Rob Ford? Well, Damian Lewis Is Playing Him in a Film

Damian Lewis. Photo: Rob Kim/Getty Images for SHOWTIME

O, Canada. Damian Lewis, who you probably know best from Billions or Homeland, has signed on to play the truly wild ex-Toronto mayor Rob Ford in a big-screen thriller. THR reports that the film, Run This Town, will be “told against the backdrop of the last year of his mayoral term,” so we’ll have the following highlights to look forward to: (1) Dabbles with crack cocaine! (2) Very awkward Justin Bieber meet-ups! (3) Fun nights on the town with other questionable substances! Lewis will don prosthetics to better portray Ford, who died in 2016 from cancer. Ben Platt will also appear as a reporter who wants to expose Ford’s various scandals, while Nina Dobrev is onboard as one of Ford’s aides. And you thought Canadians were boring, eh?

Damian Lewis Is Playing That Crazy Toronto Mayor, Rob Ford