what could've been

Could You Imagine David Tennant As Hannibal’s Titular Villain? Bryan Fuller Sure Did.

David Tennant. Photo: Ben Gabbe/Getty Images

Somewhere in his timey-wimey timeline between making us swoon in Doctor Who and terrorizing us to death in Jessica Jones, David “DTenntz” Tennant was flirting with the idea of taking a villainous role on American primetime television. That character, as you can surmise from the headline, was Hannibal Lecter on NBC’s cult-favorite Hannibal series, although the role ultimately went to noted spooky man Mads Mikkelsen instead. Still, what could’ve been! “I met Bryan Fuller a couple of times, and we talked about it,” Tennant told EW. “But I think they quite wisely chose Mads Mikkelsen, I think he was a perfect choice for it, and I think he did things with that character that I wouldn’t have managed, so I think the right man got the job.” To make up for the loss, Tennant will take a selfie wearing a leather face mask.

Can You Imagine David Tennant As Hannibal’s Titular Villain?