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Watch Donald Glover Sway to TLC’s ‘Creep’ in Atlanta Deleted Scene

So I creep! Imagine denying us this blessing: The men of Atlanta — Donald Glover, Brian Tyree Henry, and Lakeith Stanfield — re-creating TLC’s “Creep.” On last week’s episode, Earn (Glover) booked Paper Boi (BTH) a gig at the Pajama Jam concert at a college in Statesboro. A deleted scene shared by Atlanta executive producer and director Hiro Murai finds the guys chillin out, maxin relaxin all cool in matching sets of silk pajamas, when Earn starts playing “Creep” on his phone. Cue that iconic 1990s choreography: sliding and swaying the left and the right, when eventually Paper Boi (Henry) jumps in.

Hh ah, oh ah, oh ah yeahhhh.

Donald Glover Sways to TLC’s Creep in Atlanta Deleted Scene