Everyone Around Stan Lee Claims Everyone Else Is Doing Him Wrong

Stan Lee. Photo: Todd Williamson/Getty Images

At 95, comic-book legend Stan Lee is now surrounded by people who seem to have all turned against each other. Almost a year after the death of Lee’s wife, Joan, The Hollywood Reporter has compiled a series of conflicting reports about Lee’s health and well-being from the various people said to be closest to him and his interests. They include his 67-year-old daughter J.C., memorabilia dealer Keya Morgan, former publicist Jerry Olivarez, and road manager and Stan Lee museum proprietor Max Anderson. These people seem to have leaked information to THR in an attempt to make themselves look good and each other look bad, leaking a stew of accusations of intimidation and elder abuse in order to gain control of his money and intellectual property. The key pieces of evidence include a declaration, signed by Lee on February 13, that claims that his daughter J.C. demands money from him and insists that men with “bad intentions” have surrounded him and influenced his daughter. There is also a video, which Morgan recorded later, in which Lee calls that declaration “misleading” and “insulting,” and insists that “my relationship with my daughter has never been better.” While the stories may conflict, the key takeaway seems to be that no one believes that anyone has Lee’s best interests at heart — except maybe themselves.

Everyone Near Stan Lee Says Everyone Else Is Doing Him Wrong