Netflix’s Evil Genius Investigates the Notorious ‘Pizza Bomber Heist’


The Duplass brothers’ Evil Genius: The True Story of America’s Most Diabolical Bank Heist looks like it’ll be your next true-crime obsession. The docuseries uncovers the story of an infamous 2003 plot to rob an Erie, Pennsylvania, bank: During the so-called “pizza bomber heist,” a pizza deliveryman with a bomb around his neck walked into a bank with a homemade shotgun. The conspirators led the FBI on a scavenger hunt across the town, eventually broadcasting the horrifying public murder of their would-be robber. The four-part Evil Genius mini-series promises to further investigate the botched robbery, and reveals new details about who thought up this crime and why. See the whole story when it premieres on Netflix on May 11.

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Netflix’s Evil Genius Investigates the ‘Pizza Bomber Heist’