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Harvey Weinstein Has Been Spotted, This Time in Bankruptcy Court

Photo: Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images

Harvey Weinstein had to leave the Olive Garden sometime. Presumably between storyboarding sessions for his comeback documentary, the disgraced film producer appeared in bankruptcy court to demand the return of his personal files from the Weinstein Company board and its debtors. The former Hollywood power broker’s lawyers said in court papers:

“It is critical that Mr. Weinstein be granted access to e-mails relevant to the certain civil proceedings and criminal investigations and that are in the Debtors’ possession, as they were sent or received by his TWC e-mail accounts. The Debtors’ continued refusal to permit Mr. Weinstein to access these emails has significantly impinged his ability to effectively defend himself from these allegations and is a continuing deprivation of his due-process rights.”

Weinstein has been trying to recover these documents, which he says will “exonerate him,” for a while now. According to The Hollywood Reporter, he previously pleaded with a court in Delaware to get the files, but was denied. Language elsewhere in the court filing demonstrates just how angry Weinstein is with his former company for refusing to comply with his requests. “TWC prefers that Mr. Weinstein be unable to defend himself,” reads the motion to compel. “TWC’s withholding of exculpatory e-mails is a manifest injustice to an individual’s due process and should not be tolerated.”

Harvey Weinstein Has Been Spotted in Bankruptcy Court