HBO’s Dern-aissance Continues With The Tale Trailer


Amy Jellicoe spiraled so Renata Klein could scream. Renata Klein screamed so Jennifer Fox could become one of Sundance’s most talked about performances. The Tale is the latest entry in HBO’s Laura Dern-aissance, the story of a journalist investigating her own sexual abuse. At Sundance, The Tale received rapturous reviews: Documentarian and producer Jennifer Fox wrote and directed this film about her own experience with an inappropriate relationship she repressed for decades. Vulture anointed Dern’s Tale co-star Elizabeth Debicki’s performance as Fox’s glamorous riding coach, Mrs. G, the “Scariest Performance by a Man, Woman, Animal, Ghost, or Monster.” Watch The Tale May 26 on HBO.

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The Laura Dern-aissance Continues With Trailer for The Tale