Hulu’s Catch-22 Will Give You More Kyle Chandler, But Only in Exchange for Less George Clooney


If only there were a term for a humorously paradoxical situation, it might describe Hulu’s decision to put less George Clooney on TV in order to get any George Clooney on TV. Per The Hollywood Reporter, Clooney has decided to step aside from his lead role in its adaptation of Catch-22 in order to focus on producing and directing it. Fellow handsome gentleman Kyle Chandler will take over his role as Col. Cathcart, while Clooney will play the smaller role of Scheisskopf. Less of one handsome foxy actor for more handsome foxy actors in general! A real Catch-22! (It’s possible I am misusing this term.)

Hulu’s Catch-22 Gets More Kyle Chandler, Less George Clooney