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This Blue Ivy Story Is the Best Minute of Jay-Z’s David Letterman Interview

Blue Ivy is officially a boss baby and will not be spoken down to … even by her dad, Jay-Z. In a clip from his appearance on David Letterman’s My Next Guest Needs No Introduction, Jay-Z recalls an exchange with 6-year-old Blue in which she informed Jay that she did not appreciate his tone of voice.“I told her get in the car the other day because she was asking a thousand questions and we had to leave for school,” he told Letterman. “So we’re driving and I just hear a little voice, and I turned around. She said, ‘Dad, I didn’t like when you told me to get in the car, the way you told me’ — she’s 6 — ‘It hurt my feelings.’” A little legend.

This Is the Best Part of Jay-Z’s Letterman Interview