John Early Finally Gave Toni Collette the Collage He Made Her and Now the World Can Rest

We may know that John Early was a Toni Collette stan as a tween, but it’s time that Toni Collette knew it too. On the latest episode of the A24 podcast, the indie film studio united the Hereditary star Collette with her biggest fan, and Early didn’t pass up an opportunity to present her with the birthday collage he made her. “Okay, so this is a collage that I made for your birthday, when I was maybe 12 years old? First of all, it’s hid-e-oso. I do think I’m talented, but visual art is not my strength,” Early said. The collage is an artfully disheveled collection of Toni trivia and love (we think it shows some promise but Pulitzer Prize–winning critic Jerry Saltz may need to weigh in). “THANKYOU SOOOO MUCH!!!” the collage reads. “You have had such a big impact on my life.” Awww.

John Early Showed Toni Collette the Superfan Collage He Made