John Mulaney Shares the Time the SNL Staff Got Day Drunk in Front of Jon Hamm

Stand-up comic John Mulaney is hosting Saturday Night Live tonight, the show where he made a name for himself as a writer before moving on to star in his own sitcom and numerous Netflix stand-up specials. And to mark the occasion he’s taken to social media to take us down memory lane. He’s goin’ all the way back to six, maybe even ten years ago. It’s hard to believe, but we had most of the same things then: television, the internet, and worse versions of the same smartphones we use today. It was a much looser time though, a time when the SNL staff dressed up as Mad Men characters to welcome that week’s host Jon Hamm, then got drunk.

Update: Upon request from longtime SNL producer and current Late Night With Seth Meyers executive producer Mike Shoemaker, we have fully annotated this classic image to include the names of the photographed, the years they spent on SNL, and what they’re up to now.

Row 1

Paula Pell
SNL: 1999–2013
Now: Appearing in NBC’s AP Bio, Netflix’s Love, and Netflix’s Big Mouth, as well as Amy Poehler’s Wine Country.

Kristen Wiig
SNL: 2005–2013
Now: Starring in Richard Linklater’s Where’d You Go, Bernadette and Patty Jenkins’s Wonder Women 2.

Casey Wilson
SNL: 2008–2009
Guest star in Showtime pilot Ball Street; co-host Bitch Sesh podcast.

Bill Hader:
SNL: 2008–2014
Now: Co-creator/executive producer/star of HBO’s Barry; co-creator/executive producer/star of IFC’s Documentary Now!

Bryan Tucker
SNL: 2005–present
Now: Co-head writer on SNL

Amy Poehler
SNL: 2001–2010
Now: Director/star Netflix’s Wine Country; executive producer/co-host NBC’s Making It

Row 2

Colin Jost
SNL: 2005–present
Now: Co-head writer and Weekend Update co-anchor on SNL

John Solomon
SNL: 2006–2015
Now: Executive producer/director/writer on Fox’s Last Man on Earth; co-writer Macgruber 2

Will Forte
SNL: 2002–2010
Now: Creator/executive producer/star of Fox’s Last Man on Earth; Star/co-writer Macgruber 2; star of A Futile and Stupid Gesture

Erik Kenward
SNL: 2000–present
Now: Producer/writer on SNL; writer/consulting producer IFC’s Documentary Now! and HBO’s Veep

James Anderson
SNL: 2000–present
Now: Writer on SNL

Andy Samberg
SNL: 2005–2012
Now: Star/producer of Fox’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine; member of the Lonely Island, which will be performing its first live concert at Clusterfest

Rob Klein
SNL: 2007–2017
Now: Writer/consulting producer on NBC’s A.P. Bio

Fred Armisen
SNL: 2002–2014
Now: Co-creator/star of HBO’s Mexico City: Only Good Things Happen; star of still untitled Amazon series with Maya Rudolph; co-creator/executive producer/star of Documentary Now!; Netflix’s Standup for Drummers

Kent Sublette
SNL: 2007–present
Now: Co-head writer on SNL

Simon Rich
SNL: 2007–2011
Now: Creator/executive producer of TBS’s Miracle Workers

John Mulaney
SNL: 2008–2012
Now: Netflix’s Kid Gorgeous; writer/consulting producer IFC’s Documentary Now!; star/consulting producer on Netflix’s Big Mouth

Bobby Moynihan
SNL: 2008–2017
Now: Star of Me, Myself and I, DuckTales, We Bare Bears, and Nature Cat

Jorma Taccone
SNL: 2005–2014
Now: Director/co-writer Macgruber 2; director of the Last O.G. and Miracle Workers pilots; member of the Lonely Island, which will be performing its first live concert at Clusterfest

Jason Sudeikis
SNL: 2003–2013
Now: Star of Nick Hamm’s Driven; guest-star on the Last Man on Earth; executive producer of Comedy Central’s Detroiters

Marika Sawyer
SNL: 2006–2017
Now: Supervising producer on HBO’s Divorce

Mike Shoemaker
SNL: 1986–2009
Now: Executive producer of Late Night With Seth Meyers; executive producer of NBC’s A.P. Bio; executive producer of the Munsters pilot

Seth Meyers
SNL: 2001–2016
Now: Host/executive producer of Late Night With Seth Meyers; executive producer of NBC’s AP Bio; co-creator/executive producer/writer of IFC’s Documentary Now!; executive producer of the Munsters pilot; host of the 2018 Golden Globes

John Lutz
SNL: 2003–2010
Now: Writer on Late Night With Seth Meyers

Emily Spivey
SNL: 2001–2015
Now: Co-writer of Netflix’s Wine Country

John Mulaney Dishes on When Jon Hamm Saw the SNL Staff Drunk