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John Mulaney, That Nice Boy, Did 7 Minutes of Stand-up for His SNL Monologue

Welcome home, Johnny baby. Former SNL writer John Mulaney returned to his Studio 8H roots to host the show after a few years away to do this and that, and if you’ve 1) Never heard of Mulaney or 2) Couldn’t see him live during his recent Kid Gorgeous stand-up tour, his monologue will kill those two birds with one (funny) stone. That’s because the man of the hour was nice enough to take a few of his most popular jokes from the tour and repurpose them into a smooooth seven-minute package, bringing back noted hits such as I Don’t Like Any New Songs and Civil War Gazebo. Oh, and who could possibly forget Computer Robots? Go ahead, memorize!

John Mulaney Used His Stand-up Act for His SNL Monologue