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We Now Know Who Actually Bought Stuff From Russell Crowe’s Divorce Auction

Crowe. Photo: Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images for AFI

If you have an HBO late-night show and an HBO budget, how could you not buy something from Russell Crowe’s divorce auction? On Last Week Tonight, John Oliver confirmed rumors that his show purchased props from Crowe’s “The Art of Divorce” auction, where the actor (along with Sotheby’s) put a lot of random memorabilia, guitars, and Australian art work Crowe collected over his nine-year marriage up for sale. Among the goods Oliver copped? The leather jockstrap Crowe wore Cinderella Man, a pair of shorts and robe from the same movie, a hood Crowe wore in Robin Hood, and a vest he wore in Les Misérables.

Last Week Tonight pledged to donate the goods to a worthy cause. Because streaming services are extra expensive in Alaska, Blockbuster still reigns there, and Oliver promised that if Alaska’s remaining Blockbuster contacted the show, they’d be able to display Crowe’s memorabilia there.

Come on: Are you not entertained?

Here’s Who Bought Stuff From Russell Crowe’s Divorce Auction