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Jordan Klepper Embraces Kanye West, His New Favorite Conservative Celebrity

After Kanye West tweeted out his support for a conservative anti–Black Lives Matter pundit, Candace Owens, and told Hot 97 host Ebro Darden that he “loves” Donald Trump, several conservative media figures, including Alex Jones, have thrown their weight behind Yeezy. Jordan Klepper, a comedian whose whole shtick is parodying Jones, was also excited by the turn of events. The comic shared his enthusiasm on The Opposition, saying, “Finally, Kanye follows the trends I set. Looks like Yeezy season 8 is gonna be all allergy medication and SPF 50, my dudes.” The host then went on to explain his evidence that West was conservative all along, including an intriguing clue related to an old feud. “When he cut off Taylor Swift at the VMAs he was signaling to the right that he was one of us,” Klepper explained. “We’ve been helpfully interrupting women like since forever.”

Jordan Klepper Embraces Kanye West, Conservative Celebrity