Julio Torres Is a Shooting Star in His ‘Tonight Show’ Standup Set

Saturday Night Live writer Julio Torres returned to the Tonight Show on Friday, and if you’re a fan of platinum blondes, shooting star emojis, or the unparalleled beauty and mystery of Cinderella’s clear glass slippers, you’re going to love his latest standup set. “You know, a lot keeps me up at night these days, but remember that scene in Cinderella where she has to rush out of the ball and she leaves behind that glass slipper? The prince finds the shoe, and this is all he has left of her,” he says. “But then presumably there’s a scene where the prince goes to his subjects and he goes ‘Have every maiden in the kingdom try this on until you find the girl I met at the ball.’ But I bet they were like ‘Or you could just come with us and look at their faces.’” Watch the full set above.

Julio Torres Is a Shooting Star in His ‘Tonight Show’ […]