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Kanye West Calls Emma González His Hero and She Is Not Impressed

The seemingly endless stream of controversy that is Kanye West’s Twitter feed has turned its attention to prominent activist and Parkland school shooting survivor Emma González. Earlier tonight the rapper shared a photo of González and referred to her as “my hero.”

The shout-out didn’t go over well with some of Yeezy’s new MAGA fans, who responded by tweeting things like “Anddddd you lost us” and the less subtle “BOOOO.” But the most shocking response came from González herself, who chose to forgo acknowledging Mr. West in favor of copying the format of his tweet to celebrate her own hero: James Shaw Jr., the man who made the news for disarming the Waffle House shooter.

That very same minute, Kanye posted a selfie with the caption “inspired by Emma” which could be the rapper’s attempt to show the face he makes when inspired, give fans a look deep into his eyes so they can see how inspired he is, or, it’s a joke about her haircut.

The only thing that’s certain at this point is that we now live in a world of never-ending Kanye controversy and there isn’t enough tequila in the world to deal with it.

Kanye West Calls Emma González His Hero, She Is Over It