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Kevin Feige Sees the Bright Side of James Cameron’s ‘Avenger Fatigue’ Comments

Feige. Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney

James Cameron used to be our most reliable purveyor of the biggest films ever made, but after the director of Titanic and Avatar started taking a longer hiatus between projects, it fell to Marvel Studios to consistently generate billion-dollar blockbusters. By that measure, Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige may be the newest king of the world, and when Cameron was interviewed this past Saturday, he had some choice words about the comic-book movies that now dominate the multiplex: “I’m hoping we’re going to start getting Avenger fatigue,” Cameron said.

After a Los Angeles press conference this afternoon for Avengers: Infinity War, I sat down with Feige to ask him about Cameron’s comments. Feige claimed he had only heard them for the first time that day, and not in full, so I read them to him.

“‘There are other stories to tell,’” I said, quoting Cameron, “besides, you know, hypogonadal males …’”

“Hypogonadal!” said Feige.

I continued: “‘Hypogonadal males without families doing death-defying things for two hours and wrecking cities in the process.’”

Feige sat, processing the quote. I noted that Cameron prefaced his comments by saying, “[It’s] not that I don’t love the movies. It’s just, come on, guys.”

“Uh, he loves the movies!” Feige said, a knowing grin spreading on his face. He stood up, pumping his arm. “That’s awesome! Wow, James Cameron loves our movies! That’s exciting!”

Add “the ability to find a silver lining” to Kevin Feige’s superpowers.

Kevin Feige Responds to James Cameron’s ‘Avenger Fatigue’