Kevin Nealon and Bob Odenkirk Talk ‘SNL,’ Parenthood, Standup, and More on ’Hiking with Kevin’

Kevin Nealon dropped a brand new installment of his web series Hiking with Kevin today, and this time he’s joined on the trail by Bob Odenkirk. The two chat about cookies, Judd Apatow’s new Garry Shandling documentary, Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, comedy vs. drama, parenthood, journaling, and Odenkirk’s days as a Saturday Night Live writer in New York (best known for writing Chris Farley’s Matt Foley sketches) and Second City performer in Chicago. “Here’s the thing: It’s not like I was dying to become an actor or something, I just wanted the option of being able to perform my own stuff, and I knew that wouldn’t happen at SNL,” Odenkirk says. “And I also was just kind of not really a company man, you know what I mean? A bit more of a prickly pear.” Check out the full chat above.

Kevin Nealon and Bob Odenkirk Talk ‘SNL,’ Parenthood, […]