Lifetime’s You Trailer: Penn Badgley Is One Suave Stalker


Lonely Boy? More like Stalker/Bookstore Owner Boy. Please warmly welcome Penn Badgley back to television thanks to You, Lifetime’s newest literary adaptation, about a boy who falls in love with a girl … from afar … and then seemingly stalks her into submission until those feelings get reciprocated. It helps matters that the girl (Elizabeth Lail) genuinely was going to fall to her death on a subway platform if he didn’t step in to save her, but her best pal and secret admirer (Shay Mitchell) doesn’t buy into these various meet-cutes. Oh, and someone dies in the end — this is Lifetime after all, and they have a fatality quota to meet. You will premiere in September.

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Lifetime’s You Trailer: Penn Badgley Is One Suave Stalker