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The Only April Fools’ Prank Worthy of Your Time Is Lin-Manuel Miranda’s The Room Broadway ‘Adaptation’

Well, this certainly gives new meaning to The Room where it happens. (Do whatever it takes to get his adaptation on the Richard Rogers Theater floor, hey!) For a few glorious minutes before admitting it was an April Fools’ prank, Lin-Manuel Miranda announced plans for his next big musical extravaganza: Tommy Wiseau’s The Room on Broadway! Theater Mania got the “exclusive” on Miranda’s newest thespian outing — “this is all very premature,” he jokingly tweeted — which featured a remarkable cast including Mark Rylance, Patti Lupone, Javier Muñoz, and Miranda himself. Also, there are songs!

Overture - Orchestra

Scenes From San Francisco - Company

Just a Little Something - Johnny and Lisa

I Just Like to Watch: Two Is Great But Three Is a Crowd - Denny, Johnny, and Lisa

You’re My Rose - Johnny

I Don’t Love Him Anymore - Lisa and Claudette

The Candles, the Music, the Sexy Dress (Loverboy) - Mark and Lisa

You’re My Favorite Customer - Florist

Half Canadian Bacon With Pineapple, Half Artichoke With Pesto and Light on the Cheese - Lisa

You’re My Rose (Reprise) - Johnny

You’re a Good Man (Don’t Worry About Those F**kers) - Lisa and Johnny

I Definitely Have Breast Cancer - Claudette

What Are These Characters Doing Here - Claudette, Lisa, Mike, Michelle, Denny

The Ballad of Denny - Denny

Where’s My F**king Money/Act 1 Finale - Chris-R, Denny, and company

And even more songs for the second act!

Down on Guerrero Street - Company

Oh Hai, Mark - Johnny

Gotta Tell You About Something/The World Would Be a Better Place to Live - Denny and Johnny

You’re Tearing Me Apart, Lisa - Johnny

Football on the Roof - Men

Whatever Happened to My Cancer - Claudette

Peter’s Song/Steven’s Song - Peter/Steven

Love Is Blind/The Out-of-State Bank Song - Men

Cheep, Cheep, Cheep (The Chicken Song) - Men

Anyway, How Is Your Sex Life? - Johnny

The Candles, the Music, the Sexy Dress (Reprise) - Johnny

We’re Expecting/There Is No Baby - Johnny, Lisa, and Company

I’m Fed Up With This World - Johnny

Why, Johnny? Why? Johnny, Why? Why? - Denny

Oh hai, guaranteed Tony winner.

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s The Room April Fools’ Prank Is So Good