Martin Scorsese Continues to Fulfill His Destiny As Vine’s Sassiest Critic

Martin Scorsese. Photo: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

Martin Scorsese, who knows a thing or two about the cinematic experience, doesn’t like Vine. At all. You know Vine — it was a video-sharing app that shut down in late 2016, which harbored a creative community of people who wanted to share strange, dumb, and just plain funny videos with the general public. Marty had already labeled the platform a few years ago as nothing more than a silly Haiku for short attention-span youths (“People are watching 6-second films, Vines. What would you do? A Haiku? I can’t do a Haiku”) but now going even deeper with some I don’t know her disdain. At a Story of Movies event in New York last week, Scorsese and his cheeky Italian aplomb didn’t even try to get Vine’s basic facts correct. “For a while, you had younger people watching these things called Vines, which were two minutes or whatever,” he said, according to Indiewire. “That’s also narrative, made for that medium. Nevertheless, the ideal would be to see cinema in its proper context … it’s a problem of pure concentration.” Jeez, nobody tell him anything about Snapchat Stories, okay?

Martin Scorsese Continues His Sassy Insults About Vine