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Mary Berry Learned the Hard Way That Cocaine and Flour Look the Same to TSA Officers

We here at Vulture would personally take a bullet for Mary Berry, goddess divine of the British culinary world, so she can continue to delight the world with soggy bottom commentary for the rest of our lifetimes. That feeling has only grown stronger after watching Berry recount the time she was briefly arrested at an airport early in her career, after she didn’t quite realize the dangers of carrying a bunch of white-powder packets in her luggage. “About 25 years ago I was asked to go to America for cookery demonstrations,” she explained to Graham Norton. “I’m very particular about getting everything right and I also try to look ahead, so I thought, I ought to have all of my ingredients weighed out in case the plane is late.” A bunch of drug-sniffing dogs and some self-reflecting time in a jail cell later, and Berry won’t try to make money from white packets again.

Mary Berry Fondly Recalls When She Was Arrested for ‘Drugs’