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Mary Berry Leaves Great British Bake Off in the (Edible Pearl) Dust for Her Newest Cooking Show

Everyone’s favorite saucy octogenarian is finally back! More than a year after the demise of the original iteration of The Great British Bake Off — don’t remind us, it’s a sore subject — Mary Berry and her vibrant cardigans are returning to the judging spotlight thanks to Britain’s Best Home Cook. We believe Vulture readers are smart enough to surmise the premise of this cookery show by looking at those four words, but if you want a bit more detail, the BBC series will follow 10 exceptional home cooks from across England as they “compete in a range of culinary challenges from fabulous feasts to the nation’s favorite dishes.” (May we suggest challenges involving Yorkshire pudding and Yorkshire pudding only.) Hopefully the series will come to the U.S. soon, but until then, it’ll premiere on BBC One.

Mary Berry Leaves Bake Off Behind With Her New Cooking Show