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Michelle Pfeiffer, Your Queen, Set to Play the Queen in Maleficent 2

Pfeiffer. Photo: John Phillips/Getty Images

In news that could make you want to play a bunch of spinning wheels like bongos and pass right out, your queen mother Michelle Pfeiffer will reportedly play the queen in the sequel to Disney’s 2014 live-action Maleficent, across from Angelina Jolie and Elle Fanning. There’s no further information currently available about the Maleficent 2 plot or Pfeiffer’s role in it, but seeing as how (spoiler alert!) Jolie’s evil fairy evolved from villainess to kindly godmother in the last film, we might go ahead and hope that Pfeiffer will play her foil. Now, if you could just locate a spinning wheel and go to sleep until this hits theaters … Where do you even find a spinning wheel in 2018? Does it count if you just hurt yourself real bad on one of those rainbow looms for kids?

Michelle Pfeiffer Set to Play the Queen in Maleficent 2