april fool's day

Seth Rogen Sold Himself to Netflix (for April Fool’s Day)

You might have seen “Seth Rogen” listed as a new genre option on Netflix today, but maybe you assumed he had pulled an Adam Sandler and made a long-term commitment to the streaming service. In the end, however, the actor just partnered up with Netflix for a li’l prank ahead of his Seth Rogen’s Hilarity for Charity special to benefit Alzheimer’s research, which drops on Netflix on April 6.

In addition to his signature laugh and physical appearance, Rogen reveals in the prank announcement video, Netflix legally claims the “ability to frame you for murder and rights to film a docuseries about that murder and biopic starring John Goodman.” It might be April Fool’s Day today, but hey, if he did sign that document, even in jest …we want that docuseries.

Netflix Obtains Seth Rogen (for April Fool’s Day)