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I Want to Know, Have You Ever Seen Netflix’s The Rain Trailer?

It’s an unpleasant day in Scandinavia, and we’re not talking about getting to the ABBA Museum a few minutes after closing time. (Ugh.) The trailer for Netflix’s new Danish drama The Rain dropped this afternoon, and it’s a doozy — set in a post-apocalyptic future, two teens emerged from a multiyear bunker experience due to a virus wiping out most of region’s population. Much to their terror, their surroundings aren’t even close to recovering from the catastrophic events, and they’re soon forced to join a group of other survivors in the hopes of finding safety. The rain, as you can guess, is particularly deadly! The show will stream in full on May 4. Buy an umbrella.

Netflix’s The Rain Trailer: Danish Teens Vs. the Apocalypse