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Watch Shaggy Perform at Queen Elizabeth’s Birthday, Just for the Confused Royal Family Reactions

Sting and Shaggy, if you’re out of the “unlikely musical collaborations” news cycle, have just released the reggae album 44/876 together — an album that is, to the surprise of many, quite good. This genre-defying, sexy Stiggy duo was deemed worthy enough to perform at Queen Elizabeth’s 92nd birthday party in London this weekend, where they jammed out to their sultry track “Don’t Make Me Wait,” much to the confusion of some attendees. The crowd seemed … reasonably into it, although the royal family was more reserved. (Shaggy’s pleas of “where my reggae people at?!” were met with amused silence.) Here’s Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice, who aren’t too sure what’s going on.

And don’t forget about the rest of the British royals, doing some requisite clapping at the song’s end. Meghan Markle looks happy! Prince William and Her Majesty, not so much.

We get it, the Queen is more of a Reggatta de Blanc gal.

British Royals Are Very Confused By This Shaggy Performance