Rachel Bloom and Adam Pally Promote Their Movie With a Hilarious, Tangentially Related Music Video

As the saying goes: When a studio gives you a budget to promote your movie, use it to make a music video where you get to rip an air-guitar solo and then kick a guy’s penis and testicles off. It should be noted this isn’t what Most Likely to Murder’s about. Well, at least not literally. Adam Pally and Rachel Bloom’s new movie is not an ’80s pastiche about an A-Team–like A-Team, solving crimes, and castrating ambiguous bad guys. That said, it is, in a way. Described as “Rear Window for stoners,” the film is about solving a crime and fantasy. Based on an idea Pally and Bloom had with the film’s co-writers Dan Gregor and Doug Mand when hanging out as friends in college, the promo captures the film’s sense of just having fun with old friends. Let us take one moment to plug that you can experience these old friends having fun in person, as Bloom and Pally will be at Vulture Festival this May!

Okay, back to the movie. It comes out on DVD, VOD, and digital download on May 1, and is about when the coolest kid in high school (Pally) returns after 15 years away and he’s no longer cool or a kid and his old flame (Bloom) has moved on. Oh, also he suspects his neighbor/former high-school weirdo (Vincent Kartheiser) might’ve murdered someone. No one’s penis and testicles get kicked off … or do they?

Rachel Bloom and Adam Pally’s Very ’80s Music Video