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Here’s Why John Oliver Bought Fox News Airtime During Sean Hannity’s Show This Week

Bless HBO and the Last Week Tonight accounting departments, which somehow seem to have an endless supply of monetary funds to buy whatever the hell they want for the sake of a good laugh. This week was no exception — with the intention of trying to educate President Trump about what exactly the Iran Nuclear Deal entails, John Oliver and his merry band of cohorts bought a bunch of commercial space during Sean Hannity’s Fox News show this week, “where it will presumably confuse a lot of people.” That means the beloved Catheter Cowboy and his southern drawl is back, baby! And his chic ten-gallon hat! “I’m not saying that it’s gonna change anything,” Oliver notes in the end, “but at least we’ll know that we tried.”

Here’s Why John Oliver Bought Airtime During Hannity’s Show