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Just Imagine Ben Stiller’s Michael Cohen Vs. Robert De Niro’s Robert Mueller As a Bizarre Meet the Parents Fever Dream

And now, live from Studio 8H, it’s … a sketch parodying a movie, which itself was based on another movie! Unfortunately for Trump’s kiss-ass lawyer Michael Cohen (Ben Stiller), it looks like the “witch-hunt” for him and his BFF boss is actually starting to incriminate the both of them, especially since Robert Mueller (Robert De Niro) is asking him some super tough questions with the help of a lie detector — like how you can milk people with their nipples and why exactly Trump’s code name evolved into “Stormy Daniels’ little bitch.” Mueller’s gonna get all those little fockers, and he’s gonna love it. And by fockers, we mean Trump’s very unstable inner circle, although we wouldn’t blame you if you thought it was the expletive.

Don’t Show Trump Ben Stiller and Robert De Niro’s SNL Parody