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SNL Finally Found the Reboot to Kill Hollywood’s Reboot Trend

From a distance, Switcheroo seems like a harmless enough family sitcom that revolves around a father and son switching bodies. Why not reboot it in 2018! But, oh god, when you actually press play and stick around after the opening credits, it’s so, so much more than that. “I think viewers expected us to focus on different aspects of the switcheroo,” John Mulaney’s showrunner explained. “Perhaps seeing the son try to work at his dad’s office as an astronaut or the dad trying to make the son’s football team. Instead, we focused exclusively on the sexual ramifications.” As for why he wants to put everyone through this again with a reboot — the mom switcheroos with the dog this time! — well, it’s not really about these perverse sexual thoughts. “I think you’re asking me,” he reckons, “why I like to make America laugh.” Keep an eye out for its Dateline crossover episode, too.

SNL Found the Reboot to Kill Hollywood’s Reboot Trend