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Hulu, Spotify Will Offer $13 Bundled Subscriptions

The Handmaid’s Tale. Photo: Hulu

Congratulations, people who watch The Handmaid’s Tale and also listen to the Weeknd (or even those who stream Casual, subscribe to RapCaviar, and are currently listening to the Phantom Thread score). Spotify and Hulu are offering a dual subscription. “Spotify Premium, now with Hulu,” will include Spotify’s best plan with Hulu’s entry-level service for $12.99 per month. (Normally, both subscriptions added together would be around $18.) Spotify and Hulu previously bundled their services at a discounted rate for students. Bundling? After it worked so well for cable companies? More likely than you think!

Spotify, Hulu Will Offer $13 Bundled Subscriptions