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Sexism Is Over, Steven Spielberg Says the Next Indiana Jones Could Be a Woman

Photo: Lucasfilm

With Shia LaBeouf not returning to Indiana Jones as the franchise’s heir apparent, Steven Spielberg says fans can expect another shake-up in the adventuring-archaeologist landscape. In a new interview with the U.K. paper The Sun, the director said it’s time for the character to evolve into “a different form,” and apparently nodded his head affirmatively when asked if that meant Indiana Jones would become a woman. “We’d have to change the name from Jones to Joan,” said Spielberg. “And there would be nothing wrong with that.” There would also be nothing wrong with “India Jones,” or even just letting her stay Indiana Jones and casting Gina Rodriguez with a half-shaved head to play her. Mr. Spielberg, you are free to steal that.

Steven Spielberg Says Next Indiana Jones Could Be a Woman