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Terrence Howard Invited Fans Into His Mansion, Which He Turned Into a Haunted House, But Don’t Worry, It’s for TV

Terrence Howard. Photo: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

It’s not even close to Halloween yet, but do you want to take a trip to Terrence Howard’s Fright Club? Fox sure hopes you do! For a one-night TV special that will air on May 24, the Empire star invited a group of his “superfans” to his “remote estate” in New Orleans and turned what they thought would be a kind of VIP meet-and-greet event into a haunted-house experience. Hidden cameras were apparently placed throughout the house to capture guests encountering things like “swamp monsters” and “voodoo spells,” and according to the show’s announcement, you’ll see his fans “pushed to their limit” before they’re let in on the joke. At least it’s not as extreme as that Netflix show The Push where they trick you into aiding and abetting a murder — or is it? Find out next month!

Terrance Howard Pranked and Terrified His Fans – for TV!