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The Accountant Was the Most Digitally Rented Film of 2017

You loved it in the theaters. You loved it from your couch. You loved it the year it came out and the year after. Admit it: You just absolutely love Ben Affleck’s The Accountant. According to the MPAA, who has begun reporting home entertainment stats alongside theatrical ones, the 2016 crime drama The Accountant was the number-one digitally rented movie in the United States last year, besting the next most-rented films, Moana and Wonder Woman. The Accountant topped box office expectations upon its release in October 2016, and went on earn more than $155 million worldwide. The movie has a sequel already in the works, which you will no doubt go positively nuts for, both at the movies and in the comfort of your own home.

The Accountant Was the Most Rented Film of 2017