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You Can Make a House a Home, But You Still Can’t Expect Claire Foy to Master Pronouncing ‘House’ for The Crown

We can confirm that the lovely Claire Foy said hundreds, perhaps thousands, of words throughout her tenure as Queen Elizabeth on The Crown. But what was the one Queen’s English word that continues to trip her up to this day? The one that made her tongue ache, the one that made her mind sore? Oh, you just know it’s one with a bunch of vowels. “Weirdly, the word that came up a lot was house,” she explained. “The dialect coach came up with a way of us getting into it, as it were. And that was saying, Dirty mouse, house.” Dirty mouse, house. Dirty mouse, haus. We feel like a bona fide Winsdor already.

Claire Foy Took Months to Master This One Word for The Crown