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Call Out the Weeknd’s Name, and He’ll Puke Up Some Bats

Perhaps not satisfied with the Sasha Lane–starring Spotify visual for “Call Out My Name,” the Weeknd has released new music video for the My Dear Melancholy track. The vibe is still quite … melancholic: Abel Tesfaye walks alone down deserted streets or on deserted stages or in the deserted wilderness. Eventually, a creature with a woman’s body and a hawk’s beak delivers us through an Annihilation-style shimmer. It’s nothing particularly spectacular, but a fitting visual for Melancholy’s saddest breakup song. A highlight: the bats that, rather inexplicably, fly out of the Weeknd’s mouth. See for yourself:

Can we just fast-forward to a Weeknd–Safdie brothers collab? Thanks!

The Weeknd Made Another Spooky ‘Call Out My Name’ Video