Sexy TV Doctors Unite As Hugh Laurie Joins George Clooney in Hulu’s Catch-22

Hugh Laurie. Photo: Valerie Macon/AFP/Getty Images

Hulu’s forthcoming take on Catch-22 will be about both how war is meaningless hell and how older men who used to play TV doctors can definitely still get it. The streaming service announced today that Hugh Laurie (remember House?) is joining the cast of its six-part adaptation of Joseph Heller’s novel, which George Clooney (remember ER?) is starring in, producing, and in part directing (Grant Heslov and Ellen Kuras will also direct part of the series). Laurie will play Major de Coverley, a squadron executive officer on the Pianosa air base who is “a noble, leonine presence” and “spends his time pitching horseshoes, listening to jazz on his phonograph, mixing himself martinis, and hiring apartments for the officers in every new city the Americans take.” Clooney is playing Colonel Cathcart, while Christopher Abbott (who was not a TV doctor but was in Girls) will play Yossarian.

TV Doctors Unite As Hugh Laurie Joins Clooney ’s Catch-22