The Westworld Cast Doesn’t Know the Order of the Episodes While Filming

Photo: HBO

Turns out the cast of Westworld are just as confused as you are about the show’s timeline. During a panel that followed a screening of the season-two premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival, Jeffrey Wright admitted he usually doesn’t know the order of the episodes while while filming. “They were filmed in a sequence designed to completely disorient me.” Wright went on to explain why this shooting style helped him play his character, Bernard, who is experiencing some major “time slippage” in the new season. “It was really a fun exercise in that it required me to try and understand the specifics of the moment that served the interest of the character. I think I described it as Bernard waking up on the beach or in a mud pile in the middle of Woodstock having eaten the wrong acid.” Evan Rachel Wood chimed in, “I felt more confused in season two.” Despite the fact that her character has made great strides in understanding her place in the world, Wood still struggles. “We showed up to work on season two and we’d be, hey, hey um, what episode is this?” She turned Wright. “And you went, ‘I don’t know.’ Or we’d go, ‘it’s seven no it’s three no it’s seven,’ and the person would go like, ‘it’s one.’” Wright laughed, adding, “And then it ends up being four.” So, if you’re unsure if you’re watching the past, present, or future on Westworld, don’t worry, you’re in good company.

Westworld Cast Doesn’t Know What Order the Episodes Are In