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This Poor Guy Lost All His Money on Wheel of Fortune Last Night Because of a Mispronunciation

Listen, we love wading birds here at Vulture, even though we’re personally named after an evil bird of prey. Flamingos are great! Their necks could and should be the ninth wonder of the world! But that doesn’t mean we’re going to refer to flamenco, a sexy Spanish dance, as flamingo in general conversation or during game shows to prove our point, as one of the contestants on Wheel of Fortune learned the hard way last night. Say hello to Jonny, who accidentally thought the word before “dance lessons” should be flamingo instead of flamenco, even though the word was fully spelled out in front of him at the end of one of the puzzles. It’s a silly mistake Jonny’s family and friends, and most importantly Pat Sajak, will never let him live down.

This Guy Embarrassed Himself on Wheel of Fortune Last Night