Zach Woods Tells Conan About Being a ‘Nocturnal Anti-Semite’

Zach Woods went on Conan on Wednesday to promote the fifth season of Silicon Valley. One trait of his character that is revealed in a past episode is that he screams in his sleep in German, an idea that Woods says may have come from his own life. He explains that in college a roommate told him that he had a disturbing night in which Woods popped up while still asleep, made an unsavory remark about Jewish people (Woods himself is Jewish), before laying back down. We all know that the character of “Jared” has a mysterious, disturbing backstory, and Woods may not be far off in that regard either.

Watch another clip below of Woods talking about the most famous criminal from his home town:

Zach Woods Tells Conan About Being a ‘Nocturnal […]