Andy Daly Crashes ‘Conan’ as ‘80s Game Show Host Reed Newport

It’s a tale as old as time: Man hosts ’80s game show, game show gets canceled, man wanders the Warner Brothers lot for decades after the cancellation, man crashes current late night shows, man will not be convinced his show no longer exists. That tale was told perfectly by Andy Daly during last night’s Conan, when he crashed Conan O’Brien’s show as former Fill in the Blanks host Reed Newport. “Reed, this is painful and hard for you to accept: Your show went away a long, long time ago. I’m sorry but it did, and this is sad. It’s time to stop!” O’Brien tells him. “Well, maybe you’re right. Maybe it is time to take a break. Maybe I should pack up my things and cash in my pension,” Newport responds. “This is good for me, because I think I really should move…all the way to the bonus round!!”

Andy Daly Crashes ‘Conan’ as ‘80s Game Show Host Reed […]