Backstreet Boys Are Back With New Song, Serving Choreography Like It’s 1999

Before you get too excited, no, this isn’t the Backstreet Boys covering Elton John. (Oh, how we wish.) What you are about to witness is the BSB’s first single in five years, “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart,” that will teleport you straight back to 1999. Only instead of an airport, the new Las Vegas residents are now serving expressive choreography (lots of flailing arms and hands over hearts) inside some futuristic laser light show where the women they want their way with are mere holograms. Why yes, that is AJ hitting the most divine shoulder shimmy. If it ain’t broke! BSB have also signed a new recording deal with RCA, which means …. oh c’mon, you knew this joke was coming …. Backstreet’s back. Alrighty!

Backstreet Boys Are Back Serving Choreography Like It’s 1999