Chance the Film Critic Loves Holes, Anchorman

Photo: Rick Kern/WireImage

Ever so often, Chance the Rapper becomes Chance the Film Critic, tweeting lists of movies he likes and doesn’t like. Chance is very in favor of Get Out and The House, but is anti White Chicks, Bringing Down the House, and absolutely hates the Warren Beatty–Halle Berry 1998 drama Bulworth. On Wednesday, Chance tweeted a list of more movies he likes and they are … the exact same taste every other guy born in 1993 has, honestly: a Shia LaBeouf classic, a Will Ferrell comedy, a Christopher Nolan thriller, and that one movie where Justin Long and Jonah Hill start a fake college. See for yourself:

But what did he think of Infinity War?!

Chance the Film Critic Loves Holes, Accepted