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Deadpool Wants Céline Dion to Take It Down a Few Notches in This ‘Ashes’ Music Video

We’ve officially reached the saturation point in the “unlikely musical collaborators” category, thanks to noted Canadian goddess Céline Dion joining [looks at notes] Deadpool for a musical number about rising from the ashes like a phoenix and being your best self. The song, “Ashes,” will be featured in some capacity in the upcoming Deadpool 2, and despite the very silly music video — wow, who knew our anti-hero could pirouette so beautifully — the song is anything but fluff. In fact, it may be a Peak Dion Ballad in a few years. Dare we say, Titanic Level Dion? Too bad Deadpool wants her to phone it in instead.

Céline Dion Serenades Deadpool in This Ashes Music Video